Tumor Embolization - More info

On  May 14th of 2020, the educational training program organized by Balt International was dedicated for the treatment of tumor embolization and its posterior removal from skull base:

This session included the participation of the following speakers:

·         Dr Elisa Ciceri, Milano, Italy

·         Dr Daniele Marchioni, Verona, Italy

During the 2-hour seminar, Dr Ciceri made an introduction about the advantages that offer the embolization via endovascular with liquid embolic of different tumors. Dr Ciceri shows different techniques and approach depending the kind of tumor in the skull base. After her talk, it was the turn for Dr Marchioni to explain how is the posterior resection of it  and how the pre surgical embolization with liquid embolic facilitate its surgical removal from the skull base.  

At the end of the presentation, both speakers opened a space and time to resolve and answer all the questions that any of the attendees might have.

The session had attendees from more than 60 countries worldwide.

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