H2O offers, to complement its services, Online learning projects. These are digital events provided on a platform with access by speakers and participants through a normal computer or other digital device (tablet, smartphone) aimed at ensuring continuity in professional education.

We offer two different of e-learning formulas:

A. Synchronous participation of speakers and participants (webinar)

B. Asynchronous participation, the training material is made available to learners for about 12 months with unlimited access, without any time constraint. The participant registers and enters when and how he wishes, being able to complete the course in multiple accesses and without having to move from his office.

Digital events can refer to professional training initiatives for which accreditations are sometimes required.


For the education and updating of health professionals, from the formal point of view, we follow the same steps of the residential CME events and in particular:

  • the secretariat submits a letter to the sponsor with the presentation of the project and the contribution formula;
  • the organizational secretariat, in agreement with the scientific committee, prepares the scientific material and program, collects the documents and data for CME accreditation and complete all necessary formalities;
  • it is possible to recognize a contribution for the activity of preparation of the material and teaching by the scientific director and/or speakers;

  • ministerial accreditation must be done at least 30-40 days before the start date of the event;

  • the secretariat takes care of inviting participants by sending letters to individual hospitals that may be interested;

  • the starting day and/or at the time of enrollment in the case of solution B, the access keys to the platform are provided and the online course is carried out;

  • at the end the participant proceeds to the test and automatically receives the certificate attesting the CME credits achieved.


E-learning projects can be developed for all kind of refresher and professional education courses. The courses can be dedicated and personalized according to the aim and the category of end users - being they employees, external professionals and consumers - and are of course declinable and adaptable to multiple sectors.

In this case, once the training path has been defined, a program is developed and the contents are prepared. The contents will then be filtered and adapted to the platform for final use.

Last modified: Saturday, 27 June 2020, 12:45 PM