Retinoblastoma treatment

On May 26th of 2020, the educational training program organized by Balt International was dedicated for the treatment Retinoblastoma in infants:

 This session included the participation of the following speakers:

  • Dr Pascal Jabbour, Thomas Jeffereson University Hospital, Philadelphia, US
  • Pr Guillaume Saliou & Dr Bruno Bartolini, CHUV Laussane, Switterland
  • Dr Flavio Requejo, Hopital de Pediatria SAMIC, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Dr Piotr Rago, The Children´s Memorial Health Institute, Warszawa, Poland

During the 3 hours seminar, Pr Saliou started by presenting his experience on treating different diseases in infacts to continue his colleague Dr Bartolini focusing in the treatment fo retinoblastoma and the use of devices as Baltaci. After it, the turn of Pr Jabbour arrived who introduced his recent publication and share his experience for this kind of pathology. At the end of his talk Dr Flavio Requejo took the microphone to share with all the attendees his broad experience by using different devices and microcatheters such as magic and IVA.
To end this long session Dr Rago from Poland end the session by reviewing his last publication in this regard and sharing also his experience and some clinical cases. 

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